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Medford Lakes Athletic Association
c/o Medford Lakes Colony
79 Tecumseh Trail, Medford Lakes, NJ  08055

2024 MLAA Officers, Board of Directors, and Commissioners

Kevin Koch Board of Directors President Commissioner - Pickleball
Joe Urban Board of Directors VP Finance
Eric Requa Board of Directors VP Sports
Jeff West Board of Directors Recording Secretary/Webmaster Commissioner - HS Beach Volleyball
Jeremy Sviben Board of Directors VP Facilities
Dennis O'Neill Board of Directors Colony/Borough Liaison
Dave Malinowski Board of Directors VP Community Relations Sponsorship Director
Chris Siciliano Board of Directors Commissioner - Youth Basketball
Lewis Kalb Board of Directors Historian Voice of Medford Lakes
Kevin Collison Board of Directors
Sean Gormley Board of Directors Sponsorship Director Strength & Conditioning
Chris Perry Board of Directors Neeta Sports Liaison
Andrew Stehle Board of Directors Commissioner - Adult Beach Volleyball
Alicia-Furey Jenkins Board of Directors Commissioner - Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga
Shannon Patterson Board of Directors Commissioner - Girls' Softball
Erol Uray Immediate Past President
Jack Schaub Commissioner - Men's Softball
Rachael Urban Commissioner - Women's Indoor Volleyball
Sara Quigley Commissioner - Women's Basketball
Ben Asztalos Neeta Sports Liaison
Ed Verish Commissioner - Pickleball
Kelly Koch Commissioner - Girls' Softball
Jackson Flynn Commissioner - Men's Basketball (Thurs)
Doug Wagner Commissioner - Men's Basketball (Sun)
Mike Haussman Commissioner - Youth Tennis
David Michaluk Commissioner - Adult Tennis
Jamie Marchitello Commissioner - Men's Indoor Volleyball
Chris Heckman Commissioner - Youth Soccer
Michael Anderson Commissioner - Girls' Softball
Allison Kelly Commissioner - Adult Beach VB