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Adult Beach Volleyball

Welcome to Medford Lakes Beach Volleyball!

Open Registrations:

To register visit: Adult Beach Volleyball
The regular season runs April through June with playoffs in July:
3 leagues with 36 Teams and over 300 players. 
A League - High Competitive
B League - Low Competitive
C League - Social        
Andrew Stehle and Kyle Kondrla for more information.

To Register visit: Youth Beach Volleyball
Grades K through 8th Grade
Mondays 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Contact Andrew Stehle and Kyle Kondrla

Adult Beach Volleyball is made up of 3 leagues with 36 Teams and over 300 players.  
The regular season runs April through June with playoffs in July:

A League - High Competitive
B League - Low Competitive 
C League - Social                          

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2022 Beach Volleyball

2022 Youth Beach Volleyball Inaugural Season

2021 Beach Volleyball Teams

Photo Credit to Brent Blanchard: Dirty Digs vs. Sets in the City

2022 A League Champs! - We Always Get It Up

We Always Get It Up - Capt. DJ Brown, Alicia Jenkins, Spencer Blanchard, Erin Ryan Hurst, Jason Jenkins, Gerry Adam, Sonya Brown

"A" League Champions

2022 - We Always Get It Up def Let's Get Tropical
2021 - Let's Get Tropical def That's What She Said
2020 - Covid-19
2019 - Let's Get Tropical def We Always Get it Up
2018 - We Always Get it Up def Let's Get Tropical
2017 - Liberty Bells def Doghouse
2016 - TeaMorrow def Blaze
2015 - Bump, Set, Steel def The Fireballs
2014 - Team Brown def Team Williams
2013 - Team Steel def Team Morrow
2012 - Six on the Beach (Williams) def Doghouse
2011 - Six on the Beach (Williams) def Team Marchitello
2010 - Team Williams def Team Lillie
2009 - Team Williams def Team Pancoast
2008 - Team Young def Team Lillie
2007 - Team Lillie def Team Marchitello
2006 - Team Lillie def Team Bennett
2005 - Team Pilch def Team Lillie
2004 - Team White def Team Newman

2021 A League Champs! - Let's Get Tropical

2021 A League Champs! - Let's Get Tropical

Let's Get Tropical - Capt. Jimmy Miller, Nolan McLoughin, Jeff DiMartino, Shawn Levondosky, Emma Caira, Tyler Beaumont, Becki McGinnis

2019 "A" League Champs!

2019 A League Champions

Team Let's Get Tropical: Jeff DiMartino, Capt. Jimmy Miller, Becki McGinnis, Nolan McLoughlin, Emma Caira

2018 "A" League Champs!

We Always Get it Up - Joe Dwornik, Sonya Brown, DJ Brown, Jason Mayberry, Kelly Stephens, Jay Dwornik

2022 B League Champions - Beachkill

Nate Summerville, Steve Jones, Jerry Cahill, Brett Summerville, Kristy McDonald, Kevin McDonald, Jennifer Summerville, Heidi Bouchard, Lyndsey Jones, Brian Bouchard

"B" League Champions

2022 - Beachkill def How I Set Your Mother
2021 - Grow a Set def Flatten the Serve
2020 - Covid-19
2019 - Kiss My Ace def Always Sunny in ML
2018 - Grow a Set def Kiss My Ace
2017 - Kiss My Ace def Grow a Set

2021 B League Champions - Grow a Set

2021 A League Champs! - Grow a Set

Grow a Set - Jim Defulio, Athena Defulio, Nick Defulio, Jen Defulio, Spencer Blanchard, Lisa Blanchard, Capt. Brent Blanchard

2019 "B" League Champs! - Kiss My Ace

Team Kiss My Ace: Chris Perry, Marcus Gaysek, Kevin Koch, Fran Gaysek, Jill Siclilano, Crhis Siclilano, Jessica Perry, Bob McEntee

2018 "B" League Champs! - Grow a Set

Grow a Set- Captain Brent Blanchard, Chris Miles, Stephanie Cahill, Cindy Miles, Kent Hardwick, Ed Abert, Sean Gormley, Jim DeFulio, Jen DeFulio

2022 Social League Champs! - Here for the Ice Cream

Barbara Pizzuti, Mike Pizzuti, David Stern, Diane Stern, Andi Vinci, Fran Gaysek, Marcus Gaysek, MJ Strong, Scott Strong

Social League Champions

2022 - Here for the Ice Cream def Volley Lamas
2021 - Practice Safe Sets def Blocka Blocka
2020 - Covid-19
2019 - Team Urban def Some Spike it Hot
2018- We Showed Up def Practice Safe Sets
2017- We Showed Up def Beachkill

2021 Social League Champs! - Practice Safe Sets

2021 Social League Champs - Practice Safe Sets

Practice Safe Sets - Capt. Amy Talbot, Mike Talbot, Katie Kalinowski, Ryan Kalinowski, Jessica Ritter, Chris Ritter, Matt Groark, Kristin Groark

2019 Social League Champs! - Team Urban

Team Urban: Capt. Joe Urban, Rachael Urban, Jon Shelly, Courtney Coverdale, Jennifer Shelly, Dan Bray, Jaime Marchitello

2018 "C" League Champs!

We Showed Up- Captain Kevin Collison, April Collison, Kara Wahlgren, George Wahlgren, Maureen Anderson, Tim Anderson, William Dineen

Adult Beach Volleyball League Commissioners

2022 - Kyle Kondrla and Andrew Stehle
2021 - Sean Gormley and Kevin Koch
2020 - Sean Gormley and Kevin Koch
2019- Sean Gormley and Kevin Koch
2018 - Ed Abert and Andi Vinci
2017 - Ed Abert and Andi Vinci
2016 - Joe Dwornick/Ed Abert
2015 - Joe Dwornick
2014 - Ed Abert
2013 - Ed Abert
2012 - Ed Abert
2011 - Ed Abert
2010 - Ed Abert
2009 - Rachael Urban and Jeff Lillie
2008 - Lee Ann McLoughlin
2007 - Lee Ann McLoughlin
2006 - Lee Ann McLoughlin
2005 - Linda Newman
2004 - Linda Newman founded the league the year of the flood (Inaugural Season)
Ron Pannetta built the first Beach Volleyball court in town at Beach 1.

2022 Commissioners Andrew Stehle and Kyle Kondrla

Kyle Kondrla

ABV Commissioner

Phone: 856-625-0370

Andrew Stehle

ABV Commissioner

Phone: 856-842-2875

Kevin Koch

VP Sports

Phone: 215-962-8274

MLAA Refund Policy
The MLAA will issue refunds based on the outline below:
100% refund prior to team selection (less a $5.00 bank processing fee)
50% refund prior to first game (less a $5.00 bank processing fee)
0% after the first game