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Adult Beach Volleyball

Welcome to Medford Lakes Beach Volleyball!

To register visit: 2024 Adult Beach Volleyball

Adult Beach Volleyball is made up of 3 leagues with 44 Teams and over 350 players.  
The regular season runs April through June with playoffs in July:

A League - High Competitive
B League - Low Competitive 
C League - Social                          

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2023 Beach Volleyball

2022 Beach Volleyball

2022 Youth Beach Volleyball Inaugural Season

2021 Beach Volleyball Teams

Photo Credit to Brent Blanchard: Dirty Digs vs. Sets in the City

Ron Panetta A League Championship Trophy!

2023 A League Champs! - Salty Ballz

"A" League Champions

2023 - Salty Ballz def Grow a Set
2022 - We Always Get It Up def Let's Get Tropical
2021 - Let's Get Tropical def That's What She Said
2020 - Covid-19
2019 - Let's Get Tropical def We Always Get it Up
2018 - We Always Get it Up def Let's Get Tropical
2017 - Liberty Bells def Doghouse
2016 - TeaMorrow def Blaze
2015 - Bump, Set, Steel def The Fireballs
2014 - Team Brown def Team Williams
2013 - Team Steel def Team Morrow
2012 - Six on the Beach (Williams) def Doghouse
2011 - Six on the Beach (Williams) def Team Marchitello
2010 - Team Williams def Team Lillie
2009 - Team Williams def Team Pancoast
2008 - Team Young def Team Lillie
2007 - Team Lillie def Team Marchitello
2006 - Team Lillie def Team Bennett
2005 - Team Pilch def Team Lillie
2004 - Team White def Team Newman

2022 A League Champs! - We Always Get It Up

We Always Get It Up - Capt. DJ Brown, Alicia Jenkins, Spencer Blanchard, Erin Ryan Hurst, Jason Jenkins, Gerry Adam, Sonya Brown

2021 A League Champs! - Let's Get Tropical

2021 A League Champs! - Let's Get Tropical

Let's Get Tropical - Capt. Jimmy Miller, Nolan McLoughin, Jeff DiMartino, Shawn Levondosky, Emma Caira, Tyler Beaumont, Becki McGinnis

2019 "A" League Champs! - Let's Get Tropical

2019 A League Champions

Team Let's Get Tropical: Jeff DiMartino, Capt. Jimmy Miller, Becki McGinnis, Nolan McLoughlin, Emma Caira

2018 "A" League Champs! - We Always Get it Up

We Always Get it Up - Joe Dwornik, Sonya Brown, DJ Brown, Jason Mayberry, Kelly Stephens, Jay Dwornik

Linda Newman B League Championship Trophy!

Linda Newman Championship Trophy

Linda Newman History

2023 B League Champions - How I Set Your Mother

"B" League Champions

2023 - How I Set your Mother def Grandmaster Smash and the Furious Dive
2022 - Beachkill def How I Set Your Mother
2021 - Grow a Set def Flatten the Serve
2020 - Covid-19
2019 - Kiss My Ace def Always Sunny in ML
2018 - Grow a Set def Kiss My Ace
2017 - Kiss My Ace def Grow a Set

2022 B League Champions - Beachkill

Nate Summerville, Steve Jones, Jerry Cahill, Brett Summerville, Kristy McDonald, Kevin McDonald, Jennifer Summerville, Heidi Bouchard, Lyndsey Jones, Brian Bouchard

2021 B League Champions - Grow a Set

2021 A League Champs! - Grow a Set

Grow a Set - Jim Defulio, Athena Defulio, Nick Defulio, Jen Defulio, Spencer Blanchard, Lisa Blanchard, Capt. Brent Blanchard

2019 "B" League Champs! - Kiss My Ace

Team Kiss My Ace: Chris Perry, Marcus Gaysek, Kevin Koch, Fran Gaysek, Jill Siclilano, Crhis Siclilano, Jessica Perry, Bob McEntee

2018 "B" League Champs! - Grow a Set

Grow a Set- Captain Brent Blanchard, Chris Miles, Stephanie Cahill, Cindy Miles, Kent Hardwick, Ed Abert, Sean Gormley, Jim DeFulio, Jen DeFulio

2023 Social League Champions! - Phat Aces

Phat Aces

Social League Champions

2023 - Phat Aces def Vance Refrigeration
2022 - Here for the Ice Cream def Volley Lamas
2021 - Practice Safe Sets def Blocka Blocka
2020 - Covid-19
2019 - Team Urban def Some Spike it Hot
2018- We Showed Up def Practice Safe Sets
2017- We Showed Up def Beachkill

2022 Social League Champs! - Here for the Ice Cream

Barbara Pizzuti, Mike Pizzuti, David Stern, Diane Stern, Andi Vinci, Fran Gaysek, Marcus Gaysek, MJ Strong, Scott Strong

2021 Social League Champs! - Practice Safe Sets

2021 Social League Champs - Practice Safe Sets

Practice Safe Sets - Capt. Amy Talbot, Mike Talbot, Katie Kalinowski, Ryan Kalinowski, Jessica Ritter, Chris Ritter, Matt Groark, Kristin Groark

2019 Social League Champs! - Team Urban

Team Urban: Capt. Joe Urban, Rachael Urban, Jon Shelly, Courtney Coverdale, Jennifer Shelly, Dan Bray, Jaime Marchitello

2018 "C" League Champs!

We Showed Up- Captain Kevin Collison, April Collison, Kara Wahlgren, George Wahlgren, Maureen Anderson, Tim Anderson, William Dineen

Adult Beach Volleyball League Commissioners

2024 - Andrew Stehle and Allison Kelly
2023 - Andrew Stehle and Kyle Kondrla
2022 - Andrew Stehle and Kyle Kondrla
2021 - Sean Gormley and Kevin Koch
2020 - Sean Gormley and Kevin Koch
2019 - Sean Gormley and Kevin Koch
2018 - Ed Abert and Andi Vinci
2017 - Ed Abert and Andi Vinci
2016 - Joe Dwornick/Ed Abert
2015 - Joe Dwornick
2014 - Ed Abert
2013 - Ed Abert
2012 - Ed Abert
2011 - Ed Abert
2010 - Ed Abert
2009 - Rachael Urban and Jeff Lillie
2008 - Lee Ann McLoughlin
2007 - Lee Ann McLoughlin
2006 - Lee Ann McLoughlin
2005 - Linda Newman
2004 - Linda Newman founded the league the year of the flood (Inaugural Season)
Ron Pannetta built the first Beach Volleyball court in town at Beach 1.

Andrew Stehle

ABV Commissioner

Phone: 856-842-2875

Allie Kelly

ABV Commissioner

Phone: 856-278-1449

MLAA Refund Policy
The MLAA will issue refunds based on the outline below:
100% refund prior to team selection (less a $5.00 bank processing fee)
50% refund prior to first game (less a $5.00 bank processing fee)
0% after the first game